Simple solution. Stronger community.




Politisit addresses financial barriers to civic engagement for parents and other caretakers of minors. In order to ensure institutions and government entities are serving our communities well, we need families to engage in community meetings, civic activities, and legislative discourse.

Impactful, sustained civic engagement is difficult while raising children because of time constraints and cost. To eliminate the cost barrier, Politisit pays for the caregiver's childcare costs while she or he is at one of these civic meetings or activities.  This reimbursement plan creates access and influence for parents and caregivers in our communities.

Our democracy and communities are stronger when we get every voice to the table. Policies reflect the community's needs and values, how government works is understood, and neighbors interact with each other more. Discourse is important to progress. Parents are an important part of that community discussion, and we are helping them engage.  Together, we will ensure everyone's presence in community discussions.