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Meet our clients

Meet our clients!



Lauren is passionate about human rights issues around the world.  She works to raise awareness about and prevent mass atrocities through her volunteer work.  Her knowledge and dedication make her a critical voice on issues like genocide. Unfortunately, she had to turn down key meetings in the past because childcare was too expensive.

With our support, Lauren has been able to meet with Senator Merkley’s office to discuss foreign policy. She was also able to lobby 15 legislators in a day and obtain a co-sponsor for a bill she was working on.  Lauren has accomplished more because Politisit has removed the childcare cost barrier.  

Lauren says, "I love Politisit because it opens up so many opportunities for moms that might not otherwise be able to be involved in civic engagement.  We live in a time where many mothers are scared and frustrated about the future of our country and what that might mean for their children.  Politisit empowers women to be a positive influence in the areas of our community and politics that matter to them.” 


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I'd like to tell you about our client Catherine, who is legally blind and a new mom. Catherine has always known how important civic engagement is and has been involved with organizations like Disability Rights Oregon since 2009. She took a step back from her community commitments after having a child but recently wanted to get back in action because "parents with disabilities are underrepresented."

Catherine found that the cost of child care was so high, she was unable to engage in any community activities. Catherine notes that before Politisit, she was only able to secure partial scholarships to attend these type of meetings, but even then the cost of child care was simply too high. With Politisit’s support, though, she has been able to attend multiple events, such as the Bureau of Development Services storm water focus group. There she offered the Bureau insight on how storms and flooding impact the visually impaired and their families. We know she’s offering unique ideas that will make our community better.